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26 year old model/animal lover/student/procrastinator based in Brooklyn, NY.

B.S. in Art History, pursuing my Masters degree in Art History now.

I'm a dreamer, tea drinker, fashion lover, Neuroatypical, feminist, gluten-free, and somewhere on the bi/pan spectrum. In love with an amazing man, a reader, nature lover, HSP, tattoo enthusiast, writer, singer, poet and art lover.

I post my modeling pictures as well as: animals, poems, fashion, fandom stuff, music, art, fine looking babes and anything else I find amazing/beautiful/inspiring/cute.

Cheekbones, cheese, cats and chocolate are my weakness.

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*owns tons of clothes*

*wears same three things*

no but this is so true omg

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i want to get this tattooed on me




i want to get this tattooed on me

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Marci Washington’s Paintings Tell Gothic-Romantic Tales
Book Signing @ Park Life Mission, SF We like Marci Washington, so much so that she has been a cover of Juxtapoz and a cover of the Juxtapoz Dark Arts book. The Bay Area artist just released a new book of her own.

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when you try to flick away a bug but it comes towards you instead


this is the best gif to describe this phenomenon

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UFO zine

An infographic zine about UFOs, inspired by scientific journals and looney ufologists alike. Black and white, 48 pages, printed on newsprint. 


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Tolerance”, 2013 White Bronze
"Do you love me",  2013  White Bronze
"Praying for time", 2012
"You gently ripped me to shreds",  2013
"We Fit Together like Fingers Making a Fist," 2013
 ”In God we Trust”, 2011”
"Restless Violence", 2011
"I want to shelter you", 2013
"I left to remain incomplete" ,2010
Flag #10,  2008

Reworking traditional materials into contemporary textiles, Sara Rahbar mines her Iranian-American cultural heritage to explore issues of memory, identity, and dislocation. Born in Tehran, Rahbar and her family were forced to leave during the upheaval in the country following the Iranian revolution. Rahbar’s flag series (2005–11)—collaged textile incarnations of American and Iranian flags that include fragments of fabrics, carpets, and fringes—has gained her international recognition. “I began as a painter,” she has said, “and I still feel like a painter—only now it’s with textiles.” For her “War Series” (2008–10), she created collages with military paraphernalia such as holsters, bullets, and water canteens. Rahbar has also produced sculpture and photography.

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A quick look at: Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death and lord of the underworld.

Mictlantecuhtli was believed to live in Mictlan, the cold, damp and gloomy underworld of the Aztecs, or lower part of the cosmos, where the remains of humans were kept.

This Templo Mayor Museum figure of Mictlantecuhtli, which is perhaps one of the most famous representations of the god, was found in the House of Eagles. Here he wears a loincloth, and stands grinning. Some have suggested that this grin of Mictlantecuhtli, who once harassed Quetzalcoatl on his journey to the underworld, may suggest his desire to torment. His claw-like hands are posed, as though ready to attack someone.

The holes on his scalp would have once been filled with black, wavy hair -which the Aztecs associated with chaos. Parts of his flesh has been teared off, and his liver falls from his chest cavity. This organ was connected to Mictlan, and housed the Ihiyotl soul (see Aguilar-Moreno 2007, chapter 7). Recent residue analysis has found traces of human blood on the statue. 

Artefact courtesy of the Museum of the Templo Mayor, Mexico City. Photos taken by Travis: oosik.

Recommended reading: Handbook to Life in the Aztec World (Oxford University Press, 2007) by Manuel Aguilar-Moreno. This is a very good overview and introduction to the Aztec culture, and expands on many of the points I briefly mentioned here.

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