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26 year old model/animal lover/student/procrastinator based in Brooklyn, NY.

B.S. in Art History, pursuing my Masters degree in Art History now.

I'm a dreamer, tea drinker, fashion lover, Neuroatypical, feminist, gluten-free, and somewhere on the bi/pan spectrum. In love with an amazing man, a reader, nature lover, HSP, tattoo enthusiast, writer, singer, poet and art lover.

I post my modeling pictures as well as: animals, poems, fashion, fandom stuff, music, art, fine looking babes and anything else I find amazing/beautiful/inspiring/cute.

Cheekbones, cheese, cats and chocolate are my weakness.

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So a couple of days ago I went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and I had a wonderful experience with the sculpture of Rachel Kneebone. 

Her work is just…unreal. I was specifically entranced by her piece entitled: The Descent.  It was thrilling and unbelievable and full of ecstasy and precision and confusion and pain.  

If you have a chance to see this piece or any of her work, DO SO.  You won’t regret it, even if it means making a trip to Brooklyn just to see it. 

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